jeudi 19 août 2010

Android game : Paratrooper

Paratrooper is the android adaptation of the famous amstrat game.
Use your finger to destroy paras, helicopters, bombers, and much more..

Xp point based system to upgrade your cannon specs.

To get the game : Download

mercredi 21 avril 2010

Split n Go !

Split N Go is a high addictive android game.

Draw lines with your finger to reduce the surface of the screen without crossing ball's trajectory. When you 'll reach about 75% you ll get to the next level.

Here is a preview video :

PS : Level 7 is NOT a bug, it's a challenge!

dimanche 18 avril 2010

Space Sim sur Android

Space sim is a gravity game that allows you to play with planets and satellites on your android phone !

Get the Lite version !

Features :

  • Add satelites and planets with your finger.
  • Repulsive planets
  • Multitouch zooming
  • Sat. cam to focus camera on a satellite (use trackpad)

how to :
  • add a satellite : simply draw a ligne on the screen with your finger. Longer is the line, faster will be the satellite !
  • add a planet : kepp pressing the screen during 5 sec where you want to add a planet. You can choose the kind of planet (repulsive or not) in the menu.
Download now : Download from market