dimanche 18 avril 2010

Space Sim sur Android

Space sim is a gravity game that allows you to play with planets and satellites on your android phone !

Get the Lite version !

Features :

  • Add satelites and planets with your finger.
  • Repulsive planets
  • Multitouch zooming
  • Sat. cam to focus camera on a satellite (use trackpad)

how to :
  • add a satellite : simply draw a ligne on the screen with your finger. Longer is the line, faster will be the satellite !
  • add a planet : kepp pressing the screen during 5 sec where you want to add a planet. You can choose the kind of planet (repulsive or not) in the menu.
Download now : Download from market

10 commentaires:

Benjamin Theblack a dit…

Can you put a link here to the lite version, please ?

Goudie a dit…

Bon concept :)

Attention, peu d'appareils Android supportent le multi-touch, je n'ai donc pas su comment zoomer sur mon Galaxy Spica.

La création d'une nouvelle planète ne fonctionne pas (ou alors j'ai mal compris ^^)

En tout cas c'est un concept à suivre.

Jocelyn Demoy a dit…

Salut Goudie,
tu peux zoomer avec les touches haut et bas de ton trackpad. Pour les planete il faut rester appuyer au même endroid pendant 5 sec. Par contre ce n'est actif que si tu prend la version à 1€ ;)

Geka a dit…

I can't find full version in market. Can you put market lin to full version here?

Jocelyn Demoy a dit…

That's done Geka !

Geka a dit…

i think that i can't find this application, because i'm living in Russia. Can you add this application for Russian market?

Anonyme a dit…

Liked the game ! But the information on it seems a bit sparse. For example, how accurate is the physics in the simulation ? How accurate is the many-body dynamics ? What are the masses of the satellites ?

Mnay thanks.

Jocelyn Demoy a dit…

350 Mt for staellite
2000 Mt for "planet"

it's a classic newton based interaction beween each satellite and between satellite and planets. the velocity resulting from the colission system is a bit hacky.

each collision the sat get a mass increase of half of the colided stat mass and radius.

I may rewrite it fro scratch with opengl support

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for the reply Jocelyn - that's helpful ! Sounds like you are making a good stab at reality.

Well done and best wishes.

napster a dit…

Hello and thank you very much for this great app. In your next update i would like to see a "Save Mode" in which i would be able to save my solar system!

Regards, Makis